The owner of this domain name "" is interested in pursuing one of the following in the same order of preferences:

1) Enter into an agreement with another motivated party who has a promising business project idea and who also possesses a financial means (or alternatively possesses all skills and motivation) to pursue such project, whereby the domain name owner would be willing to contribute the domain name plus English marketing efforts for a minority interest in the venture project once I am persuaded that the proposed venture has a decent chance to succeed. Some of potential businesses suitable for the domain name might be tourist, hotel, advertising project related to Korea, shopping, transportation or entertainment businesses serving inbound "foreign" customers visiting Korea. Potential inbound "foreign" customers visiting Korea will include Korean-Americans, Koreans living abroad in various countries and foreign (non-Korean) customers who are visiting or planning to visit. For such businesses which possess the ability to post website contents in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish, the domain name will provide a huge advantage in the marketing exposure to the foreign potential customers who are planning to visit Korea. We would possess the ability to provide English content in such venture.

2) Rent or license the domain name, renewable on annual basis.

3) As a last resort, sell the domain name ( for minimum $100,000 USD. Again, I would like to emphasize that I rather be a part of a promising venture project and help a motivated person/company expand to capture foreign customer base.

A serious inquiry regarding the above may be sent to:

In this section entitled "Postcards from Korea", various English articles on Korea, including Korean culture, living and working experiences, and information that enlighten readers about any aspects of Korea, will be written and uploaded, with a goal of sharing Korean experiences with the readers.

During my most recent trip to Korea, I stayed near Yangjae Station near Gangnam area. Because of the new Red metro train line that stretched from Yangjae Station to Jungja Station of Bundang area, it was quite convenient to travel if you knew how to obtain a metro train riding card and knew how to add money to the card.

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The ‘Free Hugs’ movement started by Juan Mann created a world sensation. He has been giving away hugs in Sydney, Australia when he saw that people were miserable and thought that he could brighten up their lives. One of the people he hugged was Shimon Moore, the lead singer of the Sick Puppies(the guys who sang the background song ‘All The Same’). The city council tried to ban the movement but after acquiring a petition campaign of more than 10,000 signatures, the ban was called off. With more than a million views on Youtube it was one of the most viewed.

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